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Laboratory Policies

Violators of these policies may have their accounts suspended without warning, pending further investigation and possible disciplinary action.

  1. Users are expected to comply with all Laboratory and University policies, including Acceptable Use Of Information Systems At Virginia Tech. Inappropriate use includes the installation or storage of copyrighted software or data in violation of the vendor license, the storage of music files (including MP3 files, which are subject to immediate removal without warning), or accessing these workstations from other computers.
  2. Users are responsible for making backups of their own data. Users must make use of their computer account every semester to demonstrate their continued affiliation with Virginia Tech and interest in retaining their account and associated data. Accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time (e.g., more than one semester) will be subject to removal and its associated data may be deleted without further notice.
  3. Only authorized users, and their guests, are permitted in the VT CAD Lab (Randolph Hall), the computer room in the Ware Lab, or in other facilities hosting VT CAD Lab workstations. All users and their guests are held to the same policies and procedures, with the addition that a user is responsible and accountable for the conduct of his or her guests. The VT CAD Lab (Randolph Hall) is unlocked weekdays 8AM-5PM. Outside of these hours, users may apply for card-reader access using their Virginia Tech ID. The Ware Lab computer room and 188 Durham Hall maintain their own card-reader controlled access.
  4. Users are prohibited from sharing their passwords with anyone else and are responsible for any and all activities conducted using their account. Therefore, any users that share passwords or accounts, will have their accounts shut down, and their case will be reported to the appropriate authority for further investigation. Hence, users are adviced to use the "screen lock" when they are briefly absent from the workstation (e.g., when going to the rest room).
  5. These workstations are for LOCAL INTERACTIVE USE. Hence, users are not permitted to access these workstations from a remote location, nor are they permitted to leave a workstation they are logged onto for an extended period of time. Users are responsible for any data loss or corruption that might occur when someone else (including the computer system itself) attempts to log them off while they are absent (this includes resetting the workstation).
  6. These workstaions are only to be used for academic work directly related to their coursework (this includes 2994, 4994, 5994, and 7994 courses) at Virginia Tech; they may not be used for any commercial or consulting activities.
  7. No laboratory equipment may be moved, relocated, or rearranged within the laboratory, unless special arrangements are made with the laboratory director. This includes moving the computers or the monitors to gain access to the rear of the computers. USB ports are available on the left side of the flat panel monitors and on the rear of the keyboards.
  8. No laboratory equipment, documentation, or materials may be removed from the laboratory at any time or for any reason, unless special arrangements are made with the laboratory director. Certain laboratory manuals may be checked out for in-lab use (weeksdays 8AM-4PM) or for take-home overnight/over-weekend (after 4PM) by users presenting a valid Virginia Tech ID to the laboratory GTA on duty. Any take-home items must be returned to the laboratory GTA on duty by 10AM the next weekday.
  9. Eating, drinking, or chewing tobacco is not permitted in the VT CAD Lab (Randolph Hall) nor in the computer room in the Ware Lab. This includes containers for such products.
  10. Please help keep the Laboratory and workstations clean. Therefore, when after logging off a workstation, please tidy up around the workstation, and push the chair(s) back into place. This includes wiping up any pencil eraser dust and removing any pencil/pen marks left on the table surfaces.
  11. Do not touch the viewing surface of the flat panel monitors. These surfaces scratch easily, and it is difficult to clean them of finger prints and pencil/pen marks.

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