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Lecture Notes

These lecture notes are in Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) format:

3.Wed. Jan. 25, 2017Forming teams
4.Mon. Jan. 30, 2017 (1) History of Computing
(2) History of CAD/CAM
5.Wed. Feb. 1, 2017Introduction to Six Sigma (Part 1)
6.Mon. Feb. 6, 2017Introduction to Six Sigma (Part 2)
7.Wed. Feb. 8, 2017Voice of the Customer (VOC)
8.Mon. Feb. 13, 2017Initial Concept Generation
9.Wed. Wed. 15, 2017Axiomatic Design
10.Fri. Feb. 17, 2017 (1) Concept Design
(2) ACSYNT Conceptual Design
11.Wed. Mar. 1, 2017Solid Modeling and Model-Based Definition
13.Mon. Mar. 13, 2017Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
16.Mon. Mar. 20, 2017 (1) What is CAD/CAM?
(2) Anatomy of CAD software
18.Mon. Mar. 27, 2017LAN vs WAN; License, file, and application servers
19.Wed. Mar. 29, 2017Lockheed detailed design case study
21.Wed. Apr. 5, 2017Structural Analysis
23.Wed. Apr. 12, 2017Geometric Modeling 1 (algebraic vs geometric)
25.Wed. Apr. 19, 2017Geometric Modeling 2 (spline continuity)
27.Wed. Apr. 26, 2017Geometric Modeling 3 (NURBS)
28.Mon. May 1, 2017Geometric Modeling 4 (surfaces)
29.Wed. May 3, 2017Implementing CAD

Additional lecture note collection:
Lecture Notes (Microsoft PowerPoint: click "Open" when prompted)

Application of Six Sigma to Engineering and Manufacturing (PDF file, 3.6 MBytes)
Presentation on Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), 31 color pages


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