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Printing to the HP LaserJet 4050N in the VT CAD Lab

This is the default printer in the VT CAD Lab, and it goes by the name "Randolph 114E". The use of this printer is charged at a rate of $0.10 per sheet to your Hokie Passport account. To use this printer:

  1. On the print panel for the application you are printing from, select the printer "Randolph 114E" and hit "OK" to print. This will send your print job to the print server without actually printing it. You now have about an hour to complete the remaining steps before your print job is automatically deleted.
  2. Go over to the printer station and scan your Hokie Passport (stripe to the rear). If you receive a message saying "No Account" or "Illegal Card", try again. If you get the same message again, then you may need to go to the Hokie Passport office to setup your account or make a deposit.
  3. Select your print job by clicking on it. You can change which field the list is sorted by by clicking on the column headers. The system will show the number of pages and the cost.
  4. Click "PRINT" to send your print job to the printer.
  5. Click "EXIT" before leaving the print station. This helps keep your Hokie Passport account from being used by someone else.

Printing to the color laser printer in Torgersen Hall

This color laser printer is located and operated by Digital Imaging in 1140 Torgersen Hall. The cost of using this printer is $0.85 per 8.5"x11" sheet and $1.70 per 11"x17" sheet. Most students save their print job on a 100MB Zip disk, carry the disk to 1140 Torgersen Hall during regular business hours, and pay for the print job using a check (they do not accept charge or cash). Those with access to university accounts can set up electronic drop boxes and charge the printing to their accounts via monthly ISR's (contact Digital Imaging for details). To use this printer:

  1. On the print panel for the application you are printing from, select the printer "Splash G620-DocuColor 12 PM", select "Print to file", and hit "OK" to save the print job to a file (this will be a PostScript file).
  2. Carry or FTP the file to Digital Imaging.

Printing to printers elsewhere

Users with access to printers elsewhere can mount those printers for use while working on the Windows 2000 workstations in the VT CAD Lab. For instance, the following illustrates how Mechanical Engineering graduate students with accounts on the Windows computers in MECA (114-K Randolph Hall) can access the MECA printer:

  1. The following assumes that the user's account name and password on the VT CAD Lab and MECA systems are identical
  2. On the desktop, double-click on "My Network Places"
  3. Double-click on "Add Network Place"
  4. Enter the location "\\OTHELLO\MECA4000PS"
  5. Click on "Next", then click on "Finish"
  6. If prompted (because your VT CAD Lab user name and password differs from your MECA user name and password), enter your MECA user name and password
  7. In the "My Network Places" window, double-click the new printer
  8. The new printer should now show up in your "Printers" folder ("Start"->"Settings"->"Printers")

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