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Unigraphics Post-Processors for CNC machines at Virginia Tech

In order to generate G & M codes for a CNC machine, you must first have a custom-built post-processor for the particular CAM-software / CNC-machine combination you will be using. The following describes how you can find and enable such post-processors for Unigraphics and some of the CNC machines being used at Virginia Tech. It assumes that you have installed Unigraphics in its standard location:

  1. If necessary, map to the "Projects" network drive in the VT CAD Laboratory
  2. Copy the folder Unigraphics_CNC/Post_Processors to your computer
  3. Unmap the "Projects" network drive if you had to map it in Step 1
  4. Follow the directions in the file README.txt
You should now be able to select the Virginia Tech post-processors from within the Unigraphics "manufacturing" application.

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