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Voice over IP (VOIP) using Skype.com

Skype.com provides free voice over IP (VOIP) service between workstations. Up to four people can connect at once for a conference call. To use this service, you need to use the headphone with the microphone that is connected to your workstation, and you need to be a registered member with Skype.

Launch Skype:

  1. Launch the program: Start -> Programs -> Skype -> Skype
  2. If necessary, create a new user profile
  3. If necessary, add the profile of the person you want to reach
  4. Make sure you have not muted the microphone or turned down/off the volume:
    • HARDWARE: Control on headphone cord
    • SOFTWARE: Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel; then double-click Sounds and Audio Devices
  5. Click on "Contacts"; then double-click on the person you want to speak with

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