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IHS Vendor Catalogs

*** The Virginia Tech Library no longer subscribes to the IHS Vendor Catalogs ***

The Virginia Tech Library has added the Information Handling Services (IHS) Vendor Catalogs to their collections for our class (and whoever else wants to use it at Virginia Tech). The Vendor Catalog service contains more than 65,000 complete catalogs from over 16,000 vendors. It is searchable by vendor name or product, and it allows full text images of vendor catalogs to be retrieved. Manufacturing areas covered by this database include:

  • Central supplier base
  • Coatings, sealants and adhesives
  • Communications equipment
  • Electrical and electronics components
  • Engineering/office/testing equipment
  • Fluid systems components
  • Industrial instruments
  • Manufacturing machinery and tools
  • Metallic materials, mechanical components, aerosapce, ordnance
  • Nonmetallic materials, chemicals
  • Process equipment and controls
  • Robotics
  • Transportation/vehicle equipment and supplies

Access to the IHS Vendor Catalogs is paid for by the Virginia Tech Library, and it is limited to at most 5 concurrent users. On-campus users can access this service using the following WWW address: http://www.lib.vt.edu:/research/databases/ihserc.php Off-campus users must set up their WWW browsers to use a Virginia Tech proxy server. Proxy server instructions may be found at: http://www.lib.vt.edu/services/extended/extproxy.html For addition help in using these services, contact John Cosgriff, Engineering Librarian, 5010 Newman Library floor (near the photocopier).

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