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Assembly Drop-off in NX Drafting Application

If you are not satisfied with one of the standard views (orientations) available in the
NX Drafting application, then create first a custom view:

  1. In the NX Assemblies application, orient the assembly exactly as you
    would like it to appear in the Drafting application
  2. Save this view:
    • Select View -> Operation -> Save As...
    • Enter a name for this new view and click OK
Next, insert this new view (or use an existing view) into a drawing:
  1. Start the NX Drafting application:
    • In NX, select Start -> Drafting...
    • Click OK if necessary to start a new drawing
  2. Insert the view you just created (or use an existing view):
    • Select Insert -> View -> Base View... to open the Base View tool panel
    • Make sure the Model View pane is expanded
    • Select the view you created earlier from the Model View to Use pulldown tab
    • Use the mouse cursor to place the view on the drawing and click the left mouse button
    • Hit the Esc button when done
Finally, change the view to hidden-line mode if needed:
  1. Move the mouse cursor to the box surrounding the view (the box will illuminate) and
    double-click to open the View Style panel
  2. Click the Hidden Lines tab
  3. Make sure Hidden Line box is checked and click OK

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