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Exporting Descision Capture QFD Charts into Word Documents

Descision Capture facilitates maintaining a live and current Quality Function Deployment (QFD) chart, including the "roof" associated with the House Of Quality, throughout the design process. The following assumes that you know what a QFD chart is: It shows you how to quickly generate a high-quality QFD chart, and then import it into a Microsoft Word document:

First, create your QFD chart using Descision Capture:

  1. Open Start -> Applications -> Descision Capture Standard Edition -> Descision Capture Standard Edition
  2. Click on Close when you are done reading the startup instructions
  3. Select the template Design a product based on customer requirements
  4. Double-click on the icons in the Decision Roadmap window. This will open up windows where you should record the requested information as appropriate:
    • The WHATs List holds customer needs, their importance, benchmark information, and market leverage factor
    • The HOWs List holds product requirements, their direction of improved performance, the technical importance, and benchmark information
    • The Tradeoffs holds the relationship between the requirements (i.e., the "roof")
    • The Relationship Matrix holds the relationships between the customer needs and the product requirements. To fill it it, make the Relationship Matrix window active in the forground; then select View -> As Spreadsheet F4.
  5. Review your current QFD chart: Make the Relationship Matrix window active in the forground; then select View -> As Decsision Matrix F2
  6. Save this chart to a file: Select File -> Export Graphics -> To Windows Metafile
Next, insert the chart into your Microsoft Word document:
  1. Open a Microsoft Word document
  2. Select Insert -> Picture -> From File...

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