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Welcome to the Virginia Tech CAD Laboratory!

Its mission is to provide high-performance computing for interactive CAD/CAM/CAE education and research, open and free to all majors at Virginia Tech. Click on the following links to read more about the hardware and software that is available in the VT CAD Lab; about how to get a computer account, reactivate your account, or reset your password; or how to gain after-hours access.

This facility has been provided by and is operated by the Virginia Tech Computing Center (1983-2001) and Learning Technologies (2001-present). As evidence of their strong and continuous support of this laboratory and its mission, their current computer system is the 9th installation here since 1983. You can read more about the history of the VT CAD Lab here.

Picture showing location of the VT CAD Lab facilities


The VT CAD Laboratory is located in 114-E Randolph Hall, in the midst of Mechanical Engineering, with a smaller satellite facility conveniently located in the Ware Laboratory (Military Building) where a number of Senior design projects in engineering are realized.


Please use the PROBLEM REPORT FORM to report problems with the computers, software, doors, and other equipment in the VT CAD Laboratory or in the Ware Laboratory computer room.

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